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FAQ // 常見問題 // よくある質問

when will my order be shipped to me?
I will try my best to ship within 5 working days. Sometimes if take a bit longer, I will always notify the buyers. Alternatively, you can always feel free to check in with me.

why hasn't my package arrived yet?
Most international orders are received within two weeks or so, but sometimes a shipment can take much longer to arrive due to local customs, post office or international duties offices, all of which are out of my control once the package is en route to you. Please allow up to 10 weeks for your order to arrive.

*Under normal circumstances, delivery takes about:
5-8 days for Asia
8-14 days for Japan, Europe/USA

*Kindly use the tracking number provided to check the status of your package 

how can I cancel my order?

Once an order enters the system, it cannot be altered, cancelled or modified in any way. Please triple check your information and the item description before placing your order and be sure you want to buy before you place an order. All sales are final.

why don't I see more things for sale?
All my items come in limited editions and the doors to this shop only open when I have new releases. If you are interested in new updates, I recommend you to follow my Instagram account

why am I being charged Sales Tax?
On June 21, 2018, the U.S. Supreme Court issued its decision in the South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. case, which ruled that states may charge tax on purchases made from out-of-state sellers, even if they do not have a physical presence in the taxing state. Each state has its own different requirements when online retailers begin reporting tax to them, aka the Remote Seller Tax Nexus.
By these laws, Big Cartel storefront is collecting sales tax for orders shipping to any of the following states: California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina

why am I being charged duty or VAT taxes when I received my order?
Regarding customs fees (DUTY & VAT taxes), I will try to alleviate any potential taxes they may be billed by the destination country when shipping orders, but any international customs or duties fees that may potentially be levied on your parcel is a decision made by the specific local post office(s) at the destination country, and is a scenario that is beyond my control. In many cases, duty fees are not charged on shipments, but again, if they are, it is something I have no control over.

These fees are not included in the shipping price of your order. These fees are calculated at the local's post office(s) destination and must be paid upon delivery. Depending on the country, different fees will apply.

what if my package is lost?
For customers who choose FedEx or equivalent premium freight services, do note that normally I will pay extra insurance for your item.

In the event of a package loss, we can claim a refund from these freight companies for your item's value (shipping cost not included) because we declared the full purchase cost in the customs value section. If you do not choose this premium option, we do not offer refunds and take responsibility for lost packages. 

For customers who choose FREE Shipping via Registered Airmail, the maximum claim/refund is US$20 (excluding shipping fees) If you want a full refund please inform me ([email protected]) to choose the FedEX Express shipping option.

my item arrived damaged - what now?
Please send photos of the damage to me and I will advise soonest. Email to [email protected]



我将尽力在5个工作日内发货。如果需花更长的时间, 我会通知买家。 另外, 您可以随时与我联系。

大多数国际订单会在两周左右的时间内收到,但有时由于当地海关或邮局的原因,货件可能需要更长的时间才能到达,所有这些都不在我的控制范围之内。 请您最多等待10周才能收到货件。

*在正常情况下, 运输时间约为:
亚洲5-8天  I  日本, 欧洲/美国8-14天


订单进入系统后,就无法进行更改,取消或修改。 在下订之前,请仔细检查您的资料和购买物品说明,并确保下订单之前确定要购买。

我所有的物品都是限量版,只有新发布时,这商店才会打开。 如果您对新物品感兴趣,我建议您关注我的instagram帐户

2018年6月21日,美国最高法院在South Dakota诉Wayfair,Inc.一案中发布了裁决,该裁决裁定各州可能对从州外卖家购入的商品征收税款,即使卖家没有在征税州的实际存在。 每个州对在线零售商何时开始向他们报告税款都有自己的不同要求,也称为``远程卖家税收网''。

根据这些法律, BigCartel店面针对运送至以下任何州的订单收取营业税:



对于选择通过挂号航空邮件免费运送的客户,最高索赔/退款为20美元(不包括运费),如果你想获得全额退款,请通知我 ([email protected]) 你要选择FedEX快递运输选项。

请发送损坏照片给我, 我会尽快处理。
[email protected]











FedEx Expressまたは同等の配送サービスを選択したお客様の場合、通常、商品に追加の保険料をお支払いしますのでご注意ください。パッケージを紛失した場合は、税関価格のセクションで購入金額を申告したため、商品の金額の払い戻しをリクエストできます。このオプションを選択しない場合、当社は返金を提供せず、紛失したパッケージに対して責任を負いません。

書留航空便による送料無料を選択したお客様の場合、最大請求/返金は $20 (配送料を除く) です。全額返金をご希望の場合は、FedEX 速達発送を選択する旨を私 ([email protected]) までお知らせください。オプション。

[email protected]